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The left picture shows the two air vents that were placed in each corner of the dashboard. The big one is for ventilation and the little one for the heater. The right picture shows the seat adjustment. The front seats could be moved horizontally and the back could be adjusted in angle. The lever operates the lock of the back of the seat.

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In 1963 the new SL-series started out with a straight 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2306 cc, delivering 150 hp at 5500 rpm. This engine was replaced in December 1966 by a new 2436 cc unit, still turning out 150 hp. This engine featured a crankshaft with seven bearings instead of four. In December 1967 a 2778 cc engine was fitted, producing 170 hp at 5750 rpm, this engine is shown above. These engine revisions were mainly for torque and were synchronous to the engine changes in the mid-range sedan line. Top speed remained about the same, ranging from 185 to 195 kph. All engines had a mechanical fuel injection system.
The first 230 SL weighed 1295 kg and the last 280 SL 1360 kg, so they were rather heavy for sportscars. Top speed and acceleration (0-100 kph in between 10,5 to 9,3 seconds) weren't spectacular, but the car could maintain a comfortable high cruising speed for a long time, making it an ideal Autobahn-express (with the hardtop mounted).

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