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CITROňN: 1968 2 CV AZU & AK

2cv azu side.jpg (25625 bytes)The 2 CV AZU (=AZ Utilitaire) was the business version of the 2 CV AZ. It had actually the mechanics of the more modern Dyane with two telescopic rear shockabsorbers. Maximum payload was 250 kg, the car itself weighed 555 kg. The rear compartment could fit a volume of 1.88 m3.
Because all CitroŽns were front-wheel driven it was rather easy to make different versions of their cars at low cost. Almost all the mechanics and controls were fitted in the front half, so the rear part could be redesigned without major adjustments. These utility vehicles were good examples of that: the front half was identical to that of the passenger car whereas the rear half was totally different. It looked like there was a tin box placed right behind the front seats.

2cv ak side.jpg (22724 bytes)This 2 CV AK was bigger than the 2 CV AZU. It boasted the chassis of the Ami 6 including the engine, the breaks and the four hydraulic shocks. The rear compartment was 20 cm longer than that of the AZU, and it had a maximum payload 350 kg. Vehicle weight was 621 kg and the rear compartment fitted a volume of 2.1 m3.

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The AZU and AK were ideal cars for shopkeepers, handy-men and people with hobbies that included the transportation of voluminous objects. The cars were cheap to buy, cheap to run, practical and reliable. They weren't very durable however; there was a annoying rust problem and built quality was rather flimsy. Because of that not many AZUs and AKs have survived.

The difference in size between the AZU and the AK is shown by these two schematics; the top one shows the measurements of the AZU and the bottom one those of the AK (sizes in metres):

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As you see, the bodywork was identical except for the length of the cargo area. The AK had in addition to that also larger side windows behind the front seats. Technical data of the AZU is identical to that of the Dyane and that of the AK to the Ami 6 and is mentioned in those respective segments of this tour

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