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The Ami 6 was introduced in 1961 as the more upmarket version of the 2 CV. On the strengthened 2 CV underpinnings a larger and heavier body was placed that offered more interior space and more luxury.
The design of the bodywork was radical and bizarre with the rear window placed in a sharp inward angle to the boot lid. The thought behind that was that it would keep the rear window clean when driving in rain or snow. Somehow the Ami doesn't look like it was designed by human hand, it has an organic aspect to it that makes it "timeless" because it looks weird in every context and time. Quite an achievement...

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In good CitroŽn tradition in those days the steering wheel was placed rather horizontal and the back of the front seat was placed very upright and that made for some tiresome driving on long stretches. Because of the extra weight and the very soft and supple suspension inherited from the original 2 CV chassis driving was sometimes more like sailing. The steering was heavy and direct and cornering at speed caused extreme body roll. On the upside the suspension lay-out made the Ami suitable for driving on rough country roads and even terrain.

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The standard "Grand Luxe" version was fitted with soft polstered bench-seats with cloth upholstery and a screenwasher. The "Grand Confort" version had separate adjustable front seats, sliding windows in the rear doors, "moquette" floor covering and extra chrome details.

Technical data for the Ami 6 berline:


2 cylinder 4 stroke boxer air-cooled, 602 cc displacement, 28 SAE hp @ 5400 rpm, compression ratio 7.75 to 1. Top speed: 105 kph. Gas consumption: 6.3 litre every 100 km @ 75 kph average.


4 gears forward, only 2nd, 3rd and 4th synchronized. Hydraulic drum brakes, front drums fitted with cooling ribs. Independent suspension lay-out with hydraulic shocks front and rear. Horizontal coil springs operated by a "pivoting" arm on each wheel.


Length: 396 cm, width: 153 cm and height 149 cm. Weight: 680 kg. Wheelbase: 240 cm. Trackwidth front: 126 cm; rear: 122 cm. Interior seats four adults.


Safetybelts were an option. Bodywork was easy to disassemble.

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