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13da.JPG (53779 bytes)The 13 DA was fitted with an 105 HP diesel engine and had a maximum payload of 6 ton. They were available as articulated trucks, dumpers and in several bodywork types. All models were intended for midrange transports.

16DD.JPG (50350 bytes)The same 105 HP diesel engine was fitted in the 16 DD type, seen here in a dumper configuration that was one of the more popular designs within the series. Two ton more maximum payload for the 16 (DD & BB) type was the main difference with the 13 type.

16BB.JPG (35876 bytes)A Hercules petrol engine powered this 16 BB type. It delivered 155 HP and was only available in dumper or built-on bodywork configurations. Maximum payload is 8 ton; the 16 BB type was intended as the heavy duty member of the family.

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