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A1300DA-406.jpg (51403 bytes)The 1000-series formed a wide range of trucks all aimed at national transport needs. The range started with the 1100 DA model with a maximum payload of 5.7 tons and a 100 HP 6 cylinder diesel engine and was topped by the 1802 DS with a maximum payload of 9.5 tons and a 165 HP 6 cylinder diesel engine.
This A1300 model was a 6 ton truck with the smallest engine, and was meant for short range distribution and parcel delivery.

A1600DD-425.jpg (56286 bytes)The 1600-series was the backbone of DAF trucks in 1961. A wide variety of designs for all kinds of uses was available. DAF aimed this 7 ton design at the market for regular delivery services. It had the 120 HP engine.

A1600DD-490.jpg (46302 bytes)A midrange transporter was this 8 ton A1600 model with a 9 ton trailer. DAF advertised this type as the answer to economic and reliable transport. DAF didn't just offer chassis, engine and cab combinations but also full bodywork and trailers.

A1600DD-360.JPG (56495 bytes)For quick transport of sand, gravel and agricultural products this 7 ton dumper was offered. It had two wheel drive and the 120 HP engine. DAF qualified this car as robust.

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