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V1600DD-358.jpg (50212 bytes)A special offer within the 1600-series was this V1600. It had four wheel drive and was designed for use in building excavations, on unpaved roads and in terrain. The payload was about 6 tons (7.4 max.) and it had the regular 120 HP engine.

T1502DD-265.jpg (35869 bytes)Where the A-models were separate truck and trailer combinations, the T-models were articulated trucks with semitrailers. This combination was for midrange transports of 14-15 ton of cargo and fitted with the 120 HP engine.

T1802DS-300.jpg (31941 bytes)For longer range transports this 165 HP model was available. It was faster and could carry about 25 ton.

A3200DD-500.jpg (39909 bytes)An outsider in the model range is this A3200 tandem axle truck. It was meant for extra heavy duty transports up to 13 ton. Both rear axles were driven by the 120 HP engine.

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