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DAF32_f3q.jpg (42516 bytes)This is the Daffodil 32 in a "Luxe" version fitted with a sunroof. The main difference between the 32 and the newer 33 model is the engine: the engine of the 33 produces 2 hp more and its top speed is 7 kph higher. For the rest the cars look pretty much identical, only experts can tell them apart.
DAF never believed in radical changes. The engineers just kept improving the cars bit by bit. Up to the 33 the DAF designation style was similar to that of computer software nowadays: version 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, etcetera. Every updated release got a higher designation.

DAF32_side.jpg (32610 bytes)The same Daffodil 32 seen from the side. These pictures were taken at a presentation of the DAF club in 1999.
It took a while (about 20 years) before Dutch car enthusiasts figured out that the DAF passenger cars were something special and worth to be conserved. The Dutch tend to be very dismissive of their own achievements and up to very recently it was perfectly normal to smash up still working DAF cars in reverse driving races in huge numbers. Why reverse driving races you ask? Well, because of their special transmission DAF cars go as fast forward as they do in reverse. Concerning reverse driving, nothing beats a DAF, not even a Ferrari.

DAF33_city.jpg (34274 bytes)A DAF 33 in its own era, about 1967. Apparently a test drive, judging by the lack of number plates. On the left you see a 1960 Simca Ariane, there is also an item about this car on RitzSite: click this link.

DAF33_interior.jpg (55663 bytes)The interior of the DAF 33. The lever on the left of the steering wheel operates the lights, a similar lever on the right operates the indicators. The lever on the tunnel on the floor between the front seats operates the transmission. It has only three positions: forward, neutral and reverse.
The front seats could only be adjusted lengthwise. To make the rear seats accessible, the front seats could be turned forward towards the dashboard by operating the lever at the side of the backrests of each front seat.

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