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Kalmar_KVD_440_1973_f3q.jpg (60844 bytes)A very special version of the DAF 44 was this Swedish Kalmar KVD 440. It shared mechanics and chassis with the DAF 44 but had a specially developed bodywork.
In the 1960s the Swedish Mail ("Posten") decided that they needed a small delivery van that was easy to drive, practical and cheap to run. A company called the Kalmar Verkstad acquired the contract to develop such a vehicle in 1964 and soon teamed up with DAF because of the Variomatic transmission, in which they saw a lot of advantages for their post delivery truck. In 1968 the first vans were delivered to the Swedish Mail. These odd little cars were named KVD 440 which stood for Kalmar Verkstad DAF 44 - 40 hp.

Kalmar_KVD_440_1973_r3q.jpg (62337 bytes)Like in the DAF 44, a 2-cylinder 844 cc 40 hp boxer engine was fitted in this van. It weighed 1330 kilos and had an additional payload of 450 kilos; top speed was about 100 kph. The KVD 440 only had a drivers seat (on the left-hand side); the sliding door on the right-hand side gave access to a roomy and square loading area, ideal for parcels and boxes. The rear door was split horizontally and the top-half opened upward while the bottom-half opened downward. By leaving one of these doors open objects that just didn't fit in the loading area could be transported.

These pictures show a Dutch registered 1973 model, recently photographed at a car show in Antwerp. To Swedes this car is better known as "Tjorven", some kind of nickname that more or less replaced it's original designation. The original color of these cars was yellow. Nowadays there are very few left of these vehicles.
(pictures by Michel Weber from Belgium, used with his kind permission)

DAF46_Super_Luxe_1976_f3q.jpg (55189 bytes)In 1974 a successor to the 44 model was introduced, the DAF 46, which was built up to 1976 in a total of 32,353 cars. On these recent pictures you see a 1976 DAF 46 in "Super Luxe" trim. After the Volvo takeover the small-engined 46 was dropped because it was considered out of date.

DAF46_Super_Luxe_1976_r3q.jpg (53942 bytes)The main difference between the 44 an 46 models was the transmission-rear wheel suspension system. That of the 46 was modernized and featured a De Dion-style independent suspension system with leaf springs instead of the swing axles with coil springs of the 44. Also the range in possible gear ratios was changed from 15.44:1/3.87:1 to 14.22:1/3.6:1. Because of all these improvements the 46 model weighed 40 kg more than the 44, but it still managed the same top speed thanks to the smaller end reduction in the transmission. Acceleration however was considerably slower: the 44 accelerated from 0 to 80 kph in 15 seconds where in the 46 the same effort took 18 seconds.

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