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Chevron_B41_1979.JPG (51309 bytes)This is the first and only Formula One car Chevron has ever produced and it wasn't even entered in a Grand Prix once. Apparently the FIA Thoroughbred rules are flexible in that respect. The car was raced in the British national F1 series (the "Formula One Award") by Tiff Needell (nowadays of Top Gear fame) in 1979.
The B41 was one of the last cars Chevron founder Derek Bennett designed before he died in a hang-gliding accident in 1978. Chevron started production in 1965 and was most famous for its small sportscars and F5000 cars. Cars were also produced for F3 and F2; those were always competitive but never very successful.
The Cosworth DFV powered B41 was a straightforward and simple design that was already outdated before it was completed. It didn't feature the ground-effect aerodynamics that was setting the pace in F1 since 1978.

Shadow_DN9-2B_1979.JPG (47066 bytes)Shadow racing cars were built by Don Nichols' Advanced Vehicle Systems outfit, formed in 1968. First Shadow cars that appeared on the track were CanAm prototype racing cars, but in 1973, after AVS had set up a base in England, the first Shadow F1 car was presented: the Tony Southgate designed DN1.
After some good results the future of the Shadow F1 team looked promising, but a number of serious setbacks (amongst which the deadly crashes of Shadow drivers Peter Revson and Tom Pryce) thwarted further progression. Best result a Shadow car achieved in F1 was the victory of Alan Jones in the 1977 Australian Grand Prix with a Shadow DN8. By then the Shadow team was struggling to survive, and in 1980, after rapidly diminishing results, the complete Shadow enterprise was sold to Teddy Yip, who transformed it into Theodore Racing.
The 1979 Shadow DN9-2B in this picture (supplied by Shadow Promotions, Rupert C Kent) is negotiating a corner on the Monza circuit in Italy in one of the rounds for the 2000 Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship.

Shadow_DN9-2B_1979_front.JPG (43485 bytes)The Shadow DN9 was the last design of Tony Southgate before he left the team. It was Shadow's first "wing car" and it was further developed by John Baldwin. The original DN9 was entered in the 1978 Formula One Grand Prix Championship and drivers Hans Stuck and Clay Regazzoni each scored a 5th place in it as best result.
In 1979 Richard Owen and John Gentry modified the DN9 to "B" specification. The car appeared on the track in an extravagant pop-art color scheme, depicting the trademark lion of the Dutch main sponsor Samson. Drivers for this season were Jan Lammers and Elio de Angelis, who scored the team's only championship point. Main changes for the B-revision of the DN9 were to the suspension and the side pods, all in an attempt to generate more downforce.
Shadow Promotions (who kindly supplied this picture) enters this beautiful, ex-Jan Lammers DN9-2B in its original wild paintjob in TGP Cup races for driver John Kent. This way one of the very few pieces of Dutch F1 racing history (original Dutch driver and sponsor) remains preserved.

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