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Classic AutoRAI 99: post-war cars:

Alfa Romeo

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Alfa_Romeo_1900_SS_Ghia_Aigle_1955_side.jpg (60214 bytes)Seen from the side this car looks best. You can see the big drum brakes filling the Borani spoke wheels. Like the 6C 2500 this car was displayed at the stand of the Dutch Alfa Romeo club.
The 1900 S-line was produced until 1959. Unlike the Berlina the Sprint and convertible versions were made in small numbers, in total less than 2000 units left the factory.

Alfa_Romeo_1900_SS_Ghia_Aigle_1955_interior.jpg (35218 bytes)Here's the creamy interior of this neatly restored car. It looks like it has just left the factory. Luxurious leather upholstery all over and a classic Nardi steering wheel with a wooden rim give it that great classic sportscar feeling.

Alfa_Romeo_Montreal_1972.jpg (50948 bytes)Of a totally different class, but certainly no less, is this more recent Montreal model that was for sale. It's one of my favorite modern sportscar designs, although bright red is not the best color (that would be that typical and original smoky gold-like color or bright green metallic).
This model was designed by Bertone as a car of the future for the Montreal World Exhibition of 1967. It was based on the mid-engined Tipo 33 racecar, which explains the air intakes behind the doors. The response on this design was so good that Alfa Romeo decided to take it into production.
The production car was fitted with less exotic mechanics and featured a 2593 cc V-8 engine placed in front, delivering 200 hp @ 6500 rpm. It was produced from 1970 till 1977, totaling a disappointing 3,925 cars.
Asking prices for these cars are still reasonably modest nowadays, but I expect them to increase rapidly in the next few decades. If you plan to buy one of these: beware of the lacking built quality and the sometimes troublesome mechanics. It needs a lot of tender loving care...

Alfa_Romeo_1300_Junior_Zagato_1972.jpg (54934 bytes)Another special Alfa Romeo sportscar of the early seventies is this Zagato-bodied 1300 Junior. Italian coachbuilder Zagato always stood for characteristic designs that sometimes could be downright ugly. This first generation Junior design however, produced from 1969 till 1972, was a success and more or less dictated the lines for the more regular Alfa coupé models for the following decade (like the Alfetta GT/GTV). The second generation (produced from 1972 till 1975) looked even better, but is very rare (402 cars produced as opposed to 1108 for the first generation).
This light and compact car was powered by a 4-cylinder 1290 cc unit which produced 87 hp @ 6000 rpm and propelled the car to a top speed of 175 kph. Also a 1570 cc 131 hp @ 5500 rpm engine was available: the 1600 Junior Zagato.

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