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Classic AutoRAI 99: pre-war cars:


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Citroen_Rosali_10A_1932_f3q.jpg (58555 bytes)CitroŽn's Rosali series was an intermediate model range which succeeded the conservative C-series and preceded the innovative Traction Avant models. It was only produced between 1932 and 1934.
The Rosali continued the line that was started with the B10, offering a full model range based on just one design. It had stiffer bodywork than the C-series and its design followed that of American contemporaries.

Citroen_Rosali_10A_1932_rear.jpg (62958 bytes)The customer could choose between 83 different versions of the Rosali. The differences varied from equipent levels through interior arrangements up to CitroŽn approved specialist bodywork built by external coachbuilders. This one has bodywork that is an early example of a station car. The rear features a large aperture accessible through a horizontally split boot lid. The smaller top half opens upward to enable large objects sticking out and larger down half opens downward for sliding things in.
This car also has the 4 cylinder in-line 1628 cc unit, now producing 36 hp and enabling the car to do 95 kph. Vehicle weight is about 1200 kg.

Citroen_Traction_Avant_1936_f3q.jpg (66061 bytes)The CitroŽn Traction Avant was introduced in 1934 and was quite a revolution. It was the first car mass produced in Europe that featured self-supporting bodywork, independent front and rear wheel suspension and of course front wheel drive (= traction avant in French).
The investments for developing this car also bankrupted the CitroŽn company, making it an easy pray for its main creditor, the Michelin tyre company, that acquired the company in 1934. Subsequently founder Andrť CitroŽn died in 1935.

Citroen_Traction_Avant_1936_r3q.jpg (56926 bytes)This wonderful Traction Avant 7 Cabriolet is quite rare. It was about 25% more expensive to buy than the more common Berline version. Nowadays a mint condition 7 Cabriolet can fetch up to four times as much as an equal Berline.
This car has a 4 cylinder in-line 1628 cc engine with overhead valves, producing 36 hp @ 3800 rpm. It weighs 900 kg and top speed is 130 kph according to the owner.

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