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Classic AutoRAI 99: pre-war cars:

Hispano-Suiza & Lancia

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Hispano-Suiza_K6_1937_f3q.jpg (37369 bytes)Pre-war prestige marque Hispano-Suiza maintained actually two factories: one in Barcelona, Spain and one in Boulogne, France. The Spain plant was the original while the French one was set up as a subsidiary, but soon they developed quite different model ranges. The Barcelona factory made rather normal middle class cars while the one in Boulogne made expensive and exotic vehicles like the 1919 H6 classic with the big 6 cylinder 6.6 litre engine and of course the 1931 Type 68 with its monstrous 9.4 litre V12.

Hispano-Suiza_K6_1937_front.jpg (44789 bytes)This K6 is the more mundane brother of the Type 68. It was introduced in 1933 and produced in in the Boulogne factory up to 1939. It was fitted with a 6 cylinder 5.2 litre in-line engine with overhead valves operated by pushrods. The Barcelona factory made a quite similar engine with a displacement of only 3 litre up to 1943.
The K6 was meant for the rich that couldn't afford the Type 68 and very often featured very exuberant bodywork by the leading designers of those days. From a drivers point of view it was a rather boring car without any sporty characteristics.
The K6 on these pictures has a rather standard but nice Coupé bodywork.

Lancia_Gamma_1911_front.jpg (60137 bytes)Former FIAT racing driver Vincenzo Lancia made his name as a car manufacturer in 1922 with the Lambda, one of the first cars to feature self-supporting bodywork. But Lancia had started out in 1906, building all sorts of cars with engines ranging from 4 cylinder units up to V12s (as soon as in 1918).

Lancia_Gamma_1911_rear.jpg (54813 bytes)This Gamma model was one of Lancia's first racing cars. It featured a 3460 cc 4 cylinder in-line engine with side valves and produced 20 hp.
This car is a very fine example of a vintage, pioneer racing car. It's beautifully restored with very much attention for detail.

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