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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 1

As said, the first I.S.C. race on Saturday was hampered by rain. The race started more than half an hour late because the cars were fitted with dry weather tyres at first. But on the first warm up lap the drivers noticed it was raining quite hard, making the handling of these cars impossible. The drivers refused to start the race without rain tyres and set-up, so the organization allowed them some time to change to a wet race configuration.
Very few spectators waited to see the race being started again. It was already late in the afternoon, the rain was deteriorating and the circumstances on the dunes which accommodated most spectators weren't very comfortable. For the ones that remained it was interesting to see that these cars could even drive at impressive speeds in the rain, although the fastest lap time (the second lap of Charly Agg in the March 707) was some 19 seconds slower than the one in race 2 which was in relatively dry conditions.

1_March_707_1970.jpg (28319 bytes)Charly Agg, who also manages the I.S.C. series, won the wet race on Saturday with a 23 second gap to second place man Andy Wolfe in his Lola T212. Charly used to race a Trojan built McLaren M8F up to 1997, but switched to this ex Chris Amon 707 in 1998. The Trojan factory used to be run by one Peter Agg: any relation?
Charly proved in this race that the big V8 powered cars are fastest, even in the rain.

1_Chevron_B19_1971_no1.jpg (25772 bytes)Chris Chiles won last years Cup in his March 707 (which started out as Helmut Kelleners 717, but Chiles restored it to its original specifications) and in 1999 he tries to repeat his success in this light and popular Chevron B19. In this race he didn't succeed, he finished an uncustomary 4th, behind Agg, Wolfe and Harm Lagaay is his unique Elfin ME5, which seemed pretty effective in the rain.

1_Chevron_B19_1971_no36.jpg (25533 bytes)This Chevron B19 of Swede Kent Abrahamsson finished in 7th place, Jonas Ovarnstrom's B19 and Geoffrey Hobbs' Lola T222 preceded him in 5th and 6th place. No less than 6 B19s were entered, making it the most popular car amongst the drivers. The light and nimble Chevrons are very good sportscars, but some more variety would be nice.

1_Toj_SS02_1974.jpg (28249 bytes)Ian Barrowman has stuck to his German Toj up to now, but he only finished in 12th place, 2 minutes and 9 seconds down on the race winner. On the picture he's wiping his visor, indicating that spray was a big problem in this race.

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