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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 2

The second race on Sunday was run in better, but still not optimal conditions. From the start there was a slight drizzle that grew stronger as the race went on and finally culminated in rain during the last laps. All cars started out on dry weather tyres which made for some very tricky driving on the slippery circuit. As a result only 13 cars finished and quite a number of cars were damaged.
This time more spectators stayed on to watch the race and that seemed to motivate the drivers to do some furious driving.

2_Fieldshot.jpg (35076 bytes)Harm Lagaay in his Elfin couldn't find the form he showed the day before. He only managed to do 2 laps before dropping out. Here he's leading a group of 2-litre cars through the so-called Renault-bend.

2_March_707_&_Lola_T212.jpg (38055 bytes)Charly Agg on the other hand couldn't be stopped. He was in great form and again lead the race from start to finish. Here he's leading Andy Wolfe through the Renault-bend. Wolfe later dropped back as conditions deteriorated, leaving second place to Chris Chiles.

2_March_707_1970.jpg (31448 bytes)This March 707 was very effective on the new Zandvoort circuit, both in wet and relatively dry conditions. Painted in eye-blistering colors it was quite a sight too.
Driver Charly Agg set fastest lap time in the second lap, recording a time of 1:45.164 and an average speed of 147.199 kph. This is an improvement of some 19 seconds and 23 kph (18%) of the best lap in Race 1.

2_Chevron_B19_1971_no1.jpg (27275 bytes)This time the combination of a light car and the driving skills of Chris Chiles worked better than in Race 1. Chiles finished his Chevron 29 seconds down on Charly Agg's March in 2nd place. Still it must have been frustrating for Chiles to see Charly Agg run away with both victories so convincingly in a similar car that he used to drive so successfully up to this year.

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