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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 2

2_Lola_T212_1970_f3q.jpg (30651 bytes)Andy Wolfe proved to be a consistent front runner, finishing his Lola in 2nd place in Race 1 and in 3rd in Race 2. The nimble Lola 212 runs in the same class as the Chevron B19s and is powered by a 2-litre engine.

2_Lola_T212_1970.jpg (27509 bytes)In the first few laps Wolfe could stay ahead of Chris Chiles, but the handling and tyre wear of his Lola proved worse as the race progressed. At the finish there was a 20 second gap between Chiles' Chevron and Wolfe's Lola.
What struck me was that the Chevron B19 looked so much more modern than the Lola T212, it being only one year older. Apparently aerodynamic insights can change quite a lot in one year.

2_Chevron_B19s_no36_slide1.jpg (36249 bytes)Kent Abrahamsson finished in 4th place and had a bit of a troublesome race. His number 36 Chevron B19 hit the gravel pit at the Renault-bend early in the race and he barely managed to get back on the track. Gosta Petersson in the number 22 Chevron watches as Abrahamsson slides off.

2_Chevron_B19_1971_no36_slide2.jpg (25140 bytes)Here you see the hardly controlled return on the track of Abrahamsson's Chevron. He had enough speed to slide through the gravel without getting stuck. He took quite a bit of sand with him and it spread on the track. It's so much more spectacular to see these mishaps in real life than on television! You should have heard the roar of the crowd...

2_Chevron_B19_1971_no36_damaged.jpg (28210 bytes)Abrahamsson's problems weren't over when he got out of the gravel trap. Later on he had the misfortune to run into another car, damaging the front bodywork of his Chevron. All in all it's amazing that he still managed to finish in 4th after all these incidents, albeit 1 minute and 14 seconds down on the race winner.
Fellow countryman Jonas Ovarnstrom finished in 3rd place in a similar Chevron B19.

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