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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 2

2_Chevron_B19_1971_no31.jpg (29549 bytes)Dutchman Bruce van der Merwe finished his bright red Chevron B19 in 6th place, following Kent Abrahamsson's similar car with a gap of 22 seconds.
The Chevron sports cars from the early seventies fill-up an important part of the I.S.C. starting grid, as they do in other classic sports car races. There were about 98 of these competitive 2-litre class cars produced between 1970 - 1974 in 4 sometimes hard to distinguish series, so availability and affordability is good. The chassis fits a wide range of popular and powerful engines (like the Cosworth FVC or BDA and BMW M Formula 2 engines) and is easy to drive and to set up. All this accounts for the current popularity of the Chevron sports cars in the classic sports car racing scene.
The Chevron marque still exists, although its fortunes faded after its founders death in 1978. Chevron Racing Ltd., continues to produce recreations of some of the classic Chevron racing cars, restorations and parts for the existing cars.  There were some unsuccessful attempts at reentering the sports car scene during 1995-1998 with designs for the World Sportscar Championship (types B71 and B73).

2_Lola_T212_1970_no34.jpg (28894 bytes)Swede Bernt Andersson badly damaged the side of his beautiful Lola T212 in an accident with another car. He still managed to finish in 7th place, but will have to do some pretty expensive repair work. The dented bottom half of the side is aluminium and part of the chassis. The deformed and torn top half is fibreglass and probably has to be replaced.

2_Toj_SS02_1974.jpg (25623 bytes)The golden Toj of Ian Barrowman fared slightly better in Race 2 than in Race 1. In Race 2 he finished 8th, one lap down on the race winner. Maybe Barrowman's car isn't the fastest, but it's surely one of the prettiest 2-litre class cars.

2_Chevron_B19_1970_no22.jpg (28030 bytes)Yet another Chevron B19. This one is Gosta Peterson's and it finished in 9th place. It's one of the older versions of the B19, but the visible differences are limited. Main difference is the lack of an air-intake right from the drivers head behind the roll bar. More recent versions do feature that intake, as you can see on the picture of Bruce van der Merwe's car at the top of this page.
The early B19s like you see here were made after the 1970 racing season had ended and were a development of the B16 Spyder, winner of the South African Springbok Trophy in that year (with driver Brian Redman). Where the B16 Spyder looked well-rounded and elegant, the B19 showed simple yet effective angular lines.

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