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I.S.C. 1999 at Zandvoort: Race No. 2

2_Lola_T222_1970.jpg (31149 bytes)One of the best looking cars on the track was this Lola T222 of Geoffry Hobbs. In Race 1 he finished in 6th and in Race 2 in 10th place in this ex-team Haas car. So maybe it isn't very competitive, the entertainment value of seeing this car in action more than makes up for that.

2_GRD_1974.jpg (29624 bytes)This GRD is not very well-known, but it bears a close relation to both the Huron 4A of Andy Cumming and the Toj SS02 of Ian Barrowman. The link between these cars is designer Jo Marquart. In the early seventies he started at Huron, then moved to GRD and changed to the Modus company in 1974 when GRD stopped production (in 1975 the well-known Van Diemen company acquired the GRD formula car designs).
Toj company founder Jorg Obermoser had a close working relation with Jo Marquart and imported GRD and later Modus racing cars into Germany. In 1972 Marquart designed and GRD built a sportscar chassis for Obermoser which became the Toj SS02. GRD (Group Racing Developments) of Norfolk, England were best known for their F3 and F2 car designs, which were pretty effective. As sales prospects declined in 1974 the company tried to expand into sportscar racing with the 2-litre sportscar shown on the picture, to little avail. In the same year Toj introduced its successful SS03 sportscar based on a Modus design by Marquart.
The car shown on the picture was driven by Jon Shipman and he finished in 13th and last place.

2_Ginetta_G12_&_Chevron_B19.jpg (32967 bytes)George Doughlas in the little Ginetta waves the Chevron of André Wanty past. Wanty went on to finish in 12th place, but Doughlas experienced engine trouble and retired after three laps.

2_Elfin_ME5_1970s.jpg (25356 bytes)The enigmatic and impressive Elfin ME5 of Harm Lagaay retired after just two laps. The wedge shaped nose and the simple, clear lines of the bodywork indicate that it's a design of the early seventies; my guess is 1971.

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