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I.S.C. 1997: LOLA T163, T222 & T298

Lola_T163_1969_skid1.jpg (31883 bytes)Driving a T163 is very tricky. The balance between power and roadholding is easily upset as the driver steps on the accelerator too soon or brakes too late. Also tire wear can be a major factor.
Here Bud Bennett accelerated to soon out of a long left-hand bend and slided the car around.

Lola_T163_1969_skid2.jpg (28148 bytes)After another powerslide the "Simoniz laboratory car" (as it says on the side of the car) is facing the right direction and Bud can continue his race. Unfortunately Bud Bennett (one of the three Benetts in this race) didn't manage to finish.

The Lola T160, T162 and T163's never won a Can-Am race, but did score a number of podium finishes and finished frequently in the top six. In 1970 the last derivative of this line was introduced as the T165, an update of the T163 sold to customers.

Lola_T222_1970_side.jpg (28469 bytes)The factory cars in 1970 were the Lola's T220 and T222. The T222 was entered mid season to replace the wrecked T220 and featured a wider wheelbase. The car was entered by Carl Haas' works team for Peter Revson, but never won races. The best score was a second place.
Nowadays this car (one of three ever built) is owned and raced by Geoffrey Hobbs, who also enters static classic car contests with this beautifully prepared car. Geoffrey finished the race in 11th place.

Lola_T292_1973_side.jpg (28868 bytes)The smaller Lola T298 was developed in the early seventies for sportscar races in Europe like the Interseries. It didn't feature a big-block V8 but a 2 litre engine of choice. It was smaller and easier to race, but also far less spectacular although it bears a resemblance to the last Can-Am Lola, the 1972 Lola T310.

Dutchman Jan van Straaten took this car to 14th place in the race.

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