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Chevron_B23_1972.JPG (33931 bytes)Within Group 7 there was a sub class for sportscars with two litre engines. Cars in that class raced both in Can-Am and the Interseries, but were more popular in Europe. Chevron was a racing car marque best known for its cars in small engine classes. The 1972-1973 B23 (total production of 26) was a direct descendent of the ever popular B19 of 1971 (35 produced) and its 1972 evolution B21 (28 produced). As far as 2-seater racing cars are concerned this line of cars was almost mass produced. However, Chevron's best known sports car is the B16 of 1969-1970, a closed cockpit racer that is regarded as one of the most beautiful car designs ever. Only one open top "spyder" version was made in 1970, named the 16S, which formed the basis for Chevron sports cars of years to come.
In the I.S.C. these cars drive their own race in the "C" class.

This particular B23, powered by a BMW M12 Formula 2 engine, is driven by German Rolf Lamberty, who finished it in 15th place. Lamberty is a very experienced racing driver with a career in 2-seater racing spanning more than 30 years.

Huron_4A_1971.jpg (33515 bytes)Another 2-litre class contender is this Huron 4A of Andy Cumming. The Huron Auto Race Developments company was formed at the end of 1970 but failed to survive for more than a year. Canadian Jack Smith was the managing director and the cars were designed by Jo Marquart who had previously worked at the McLaren outfit. Very few cars were produced in the short life span of the company; there was one monocoque formula car design aimed at F2/F3 and Formula Atlantic racing and apparently this sports-racing car. After the demise of the Huron company Marquart joined the GRD company.

Andy Cumming finished last, classified in 20th position.

Toj_SS02_1974_side.jpg (32781 bytes)This Warsteiner Toj SS02 was an Interseries regular during the early seventies. It's now owned and driven by Ian Barrowman. This spectacular looking car is based on BMW Formula 2 technology within a GRD purpose build chassis/bodywork combination.
Toj founder Jorg Obermoser was the distributor of the British GRD (later Modus) racing cars in Germany and became a constructor in 1972 converting a GRD design into this SS02.

Toj_SS02_1974_r3q.jpg (30772 bytes)In the late seventies Toj cars won the Interseries Championship a few times; this car is a less successful predecessor to those cars. The Toj company stopped racing car production in 1979, a few years after the Modus company collapsed. By then their cars had also scored an German F3 championship in 1978, and some limited success in F2 in 1976.

Ian Barrowman failed to finish this race.

Sauber_C3_1973.jpg (31236 bytes)Swiss Peter Sauber is nowadays best known for his Formula 1 cars and was in the eighties very successful with his Mercedes powered Group C cars. But he started out in the seventies with Interserie cars like this early C3, which looked a lot like shrunken Porsche copies.
Here Dutchman Nick Snoeck has spun his C3 and is trying to get the right way around.

Ultimately Nick Snoeck managed to get his car to the finish, taking 19th place.
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